Untranslated words of the Bible

There are many words in the Bible that are not translated, but tranliterated from the original language. I will add to this entry as I have time.

  1. ANGEL is a Middle English word, from Old English “engel” or Old French “angele”, both from Late Latin “angelus”, “Angelus” is from Late Greek “angelos”, meaning “messenger”. The Strong’s entry #32 is άγγελος pronounced “agellos”. (the sound is hard “G” sound and not the soft “J”) This Greek word is used to translate the Hebrew word םולאך or malak. The Strong’s entry for malak is 4397 and its meaning is “messenger”. Thus the translation for both the Greek and Hebrew word is “messenger”. There is no reason to not translate the word from the Greek. What the translators have done in the Old Testament King James and other versions, is to not translate the Hebrew word “malak” as “messenger”, and transliterate the Greek word from the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint. As they translated they kept their eye on both the Greek and the Hebrew, and in many instances gave precedence to the Greek. This transliteration is the origin of our English word “angel”. The word is not translated and thus gives us no understanding. We are left with imagination and opinion to discern what an “angel” is. We must first know the Christ, Yeshua of Nazareth, from whom all the writings of the Tanach speak. The Mashiach is the “messenger of God”. Thus it is acceptable in the place of the untranslated word “angel” to translate the word as “messenger”. There are examples in the  KJV Old Testament where the word “malak” is directly translated “messenger” from the Hebrew as in Malachi 3:1. In the beginning of the letter called Revelation written in Greek, the “angels” of the assemblies are obviously (in the grace of God) “messengers” of the assemblies, not winged creatures. Why is not the word translated? Because the translators when they did not understand the translation of a word or were overly influenced by their own thoughts or others, transliterated rather than translated. Thus, rather than translating “messenger” from the Greek and the Hebrew they transliterated “angel” from the Greek and did not translate.
  2. Devil
  3. Apostle
  4. Demon
  5. Dragon
  6. Deacon
  7. Hell
  8. Hell-fire
  9. Evangelist
  10. Crucify/crucifixion
  11. Bible
  12. Heresy
  13. Cherubim. The Hebrew word is “keruwbiym”, the plural of “keruwb”.
  14. Parable
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2 Responses to Untranslated words of the Bible

  1. Martin Jemmett says:

    Maybe you can help me. I seem to be having trouble locating and finding any reference to the one line in the Writings (I think its in the TaNaKh) where a word was left in its original paleo-Hebrew form, even in the Old King James version. Does anyone recall seeing this word as well in English translations? What book, chapter and verse does it appear in?

    • habasar says:

      Martin, there are passages in the Tanach that are translated from the Aramaic: Gen 31:47; Jer 10:11; Ezra 4:8-6:18, 7:12-26; Daniel 2:4-7:28. But as far as I can ascertain there are no passages in the Tanach in Paleo-Hebrew. There are fragments of the Tanach in the Dead Sea Scrolls written in old Hebrew.

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