Messianic Jews (con’t)

I will present some thoughts of Jew and Gentile who call themselves believers in our day and hour, and judge their words by the one true gospel.

The Gentile Christian says:It is not possible to say one is a Christian (follower of Christ) and not love the Jewish people.” On face value the statement seems to have it merits, but I do not accept it in spirit. God loves all people, and in the Spirit of God and His grace the believer loves all people equally, if indeed he or she walks in the grace of God. Speaking in Spirit and in truth I would say: “It is not possible in the grace of God to say I am a follower of Christ and not love all people of all nations, Jews and Gentiles alike without partiality. “How can a man say he loves God whom he cannot see, and hate his fellow man who he does see.” When believers single out a single people for their love they show partiality. For God has a people, the assembly of the living God, out of all nations chosen without partiality, that love all people of all nations equally despite what they see with their eyes in this generation and in every generation. I as a believer cannot say (and continue to walk in the truth), that my generation God loves all people less or more than any other people or I make God out to be a liar. “The gates of sheol (death) shall not prevail against God’s assembly. God loves all people of every nation equally throughout all generations without partiality through the assembly, gathered from all nations. They, the assembly of God, give thanks for all people, and pray for all People. If there would be a lack of love among believers toward any person, than at the time we are aware of it, it should be identified as such. It should be relevant to the believers of every generation.

As Paul says in the letter of Titus, “For there are many unruly and empty talkers and deceivers of the mind (of Jews and Gentiles alike), especially they of the circumcision (at this particular time the greatest spiritual danger was among the Jews, for the judgment of God was soon to be upon Yerushalem, whose mouth you must stop, who subvert all houses, teaching things not right, for the sake of ill gain. One of themselves, a prophet of himself (versus a prophet of God, chosen by God), said, The Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, not giving heed to Jewish fables (the imaginations of men’s minds versus the understanding of the one true gospel), and commandments of men, that turn men from the truth.” Paul speaks of specific thoughts, by a particular man who calls all Cretians liars. This prophet’s words are contrary to the gospel of God. For God has promised in Christ to bless all nations through Christ, and to say that “all are liars”, is to say that God has not chosen any Cretians by His will and grace. This is a great error contrary to Christ Yeshua and His gospel!

The Messianic Jew says, we keep the law not to save us, but because we are saved. As the debate rages it goes as this, Yeshua did not come to destroy the Law, and Gentiles do not understand the Law, so we Messianic Jews are needed to teach the Gentile believers about keeping the long lost law. Yes, Yeshua, did not come to destroy the Law, He came to fulfill the Law. As prophecy it is fulfilled in the Christ Yeshua’s death for our sins, His burial and His resurrection the third day, as it is with all the rest of the Tanach. It, the Tanach, is completely fulfilled in Yeshua: every type and shadow, every verse and passage. Believers fulfill the righteousness of the Law through the will and grace of God. “He who knew no sin became sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” So a newborn babe who would know little of the Law, as he began and continued to walk in the grace of God (grace upon grace) would fulfill the righteousness of the Law. For Law is fulfilled as it is written, “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy soul and all thy mind”, and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” loveth God. All the Law is fulfilled in these two passages. Are not the prophecies fulfilled and have their meaning while looking upon these verses in the grace of God, seeing Yeshua and his death for our sins, His burial and His resurrection the third day? By looking unto Yeshua and His death for our sins, His burial and His resurrection the third day as it is prophesied in all the scriptures (no exceptions) we begin to understand the love of God in Christ Yeshua.

Now when God chooses by His will to give grace to a Jew, does the Jew cease to be a Jew. Does a man out of any nation under the sun, cease to be called by the nation he comes from? No, of course not! For there must be the chosen ones out of every nation to fulfill the gospel preached to Abraham, “in thy seed all the nations shall be blessed.” So, let it be known, you chosen ones of God, whatever nation you are from, rejoice in God who fulfills His purpose in our midst. So, of course a Jew remains a Jew, just as one of Israel remains of Israel. And yet there is not partiality among Jews and Gentiles, bond and free, male and female in Christ. The blessing in Christ are one and the same for all God calls. And He called Jews and Gentiles, bond and free, male and female.

Now we have concluded that a Jew remains a Jew. Then what?. Well, as all of us, Jews or Gentiles, when we are chosen of God, we are brought to an assembly. This is the work of God. Paul apart from the assembly after his conversion was a blind man with no eat and drink for three days, on the verge of dying. But God sent a saint to him, and brought him to an assembly of the living God, and there was life.

During the time of the Gentiles, after the judgment of Yerushalem in 70AD to now, the assembly as a whole is primarily made up of Gentiles, and less Jews. This is the very purpose of God. For there was a partial hardening of Israel until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled: more Gentiles and less Jews. The first generation (before the judgment of Yerushalem in 70AD) assembly of God was more of Israel and less Gentiles. And the last generation of the assembly of God will be more of Israel and less Gentiles, only a remnant of the nations, but “all Israel will be saved”. “All Israel must be saved” to complete the purpose of God in Christ. For through the centuries there were only a few saved in each generation, in these last days, God will save all Israel. And there shall be no partiality toward Jew or Gentile. God is not partial in His love toward all people. And God will save equally without partiality from all the tribes of Israel, less Dan (understand the scriptures). So since 70AD there have been more Gentiles chosen of God than Jews, to provoke the Jews to jealousy by the purpose of God. There is no fleshly reason that there has been less of the Jews converted these past 1900 years. It is the very purpose of God.

When God chooses a Jew and he enters into an assembly with a majority of Gentiles, is it required of him that he cast off his customs? Is it required of Gentiles to cast off their customs at conversion? No. Then it is not required of the Jew. Now there will be customs changed for both Jew and Gentile when God makes choice and gives grace. For instance it may have been the Gentiles’ custom to worship idols at an idolatrous temple. By the grace of God the chosen one of God will attach himself to that form of teaching, the gospel, and cease to make his customary trip to the temple of idols. His custom is eliminated, but this does not come from men forcing him. It is by the will and grace of God. The Jew will cease going to the synogogue, for the Mashiach they have accepted by grace is rejected in the building made with men’s hands. The one birthed of the Spirit will not be welcomed. Some customs will be omitted and some customs not. To the Jew who was secular, and now chosen of God, be content with your lack of customs. To the Jew with customs be content with your customs. Seek not to change your state or the state of others. Customs, whether of Jewish or Gentile origin, unless there be some unrighteousness contained in them, are acceptable in the eyes of God. Now can a Gentile believer come to the house of a Jewish believer to enjoy a sedr dinner, a Jewish custom. Most certainly, if his conscience permits. Will I reject the hospitality that comes by the grace of God of my Jewish brother chosen of God? Most certainly I will not. I will rejoice in my brother allowing me in his house, and accepting a brother in Christ. If there be some reason his conscience does not permit, he should speak of these things among the brethren, that there might be right judgment. I myself , possibly being a Jew, but raised among the Gentiles (I have not proved my Jewish ancestry), have enjoyed sedr dinner in Yerushalem among unbelieving Jews. How much more so among believers, Jews and Gentiles alike, partaking in the customs of their nation.

I have not written these words in any way to deny the errors that have occurred by Gentiles believers these past 1900 years toward the Jew, whether believer or unbeliever. I can assure you Jewish believers have made the same errors, as they do at this present time. For Gentile believers to force Jewish believers to cast off their customs is contrary to Christ, as it would be for any Gentile custom to be cast off without cause. But the past is the past and God has chosen us and given us grace in the time we live in. I cannot talk to the past in hope of changing the past, but only in the present for the future.

The Messianic Jew says: The Gentile believers need us Messianic Jews to teach you of the old ways. Beloved, I possibly being Jew, but not knowing it for sure, have only been taught of God. I have sat under no rabbi or messianic believer. I and the gospel I preach has been rejected by Jews and Gentiles alike who call themselves Christians. God has been my teacher, and He did not neglect in teaching me and giving me understanding according to His eternal purpose in the Christ, Yeshua, concerning Israel. Quite the contrary. So whether Jew or Gentile we do not need man to teach us, only God. There is the gift of a teacher, but nevertheless God is the teacher. He is a wise master teacher.

Christian believers say: Christians owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people. Beloved, Jewish and Gentile believers’ reasonable service is the fruit of lips to God for Christ Yeshua. It is God who purposes all things. There is nothing any of can do to help God. What, we should thank the Jewish brethren for the unbelief God purposed? Perhaps the Jewish brethren should thank the Gentile brethren for their unbelief. They, as well as us, if we knew the purpose of God, would not let it be fulfilled. “For had they known the Lord of Glory, they would not have crucified Him.” And in this final days should we thank one another for the unbelief of the falling away? Thank God only for Yeshua. Amen.

Christian believers say: Why don’t Jews accept Jesus? The answer simply is God purposes all men’s unbelief, so he can have mercy and grace upon some. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

Christian believers say: Paul experienced continual conflict with Jewish Christians. Beloved, there was a time where Paul had no man standing with him among Jews or Gentiles. All things are purposed by God. Paul simply preached the gospel and the eternal purpose of God in Christ was fulfilled. Since the time of Paul, the time of the Gentiles, the greatest conflict against the things of the spirit have been among the Gentiles. Thus the Gentiles purposed by God have been made equal in balance to unbelieving, stiffnecked, obstinate Israel. For those of the nations are the same to fulfill the purpose of God. How contrary are all men to the gospel of God.

The Jewish believer of our day says: The first Gentile believers became members of a Jewish sect. The one who made this statement understands not the purpose of God in the Mashiach, Yeshua. Though Jews composed the majority of first generation believers at a particular point in time, Gentiles began to be chosen by God and would become the majority. Read Romans 11, and the understanding of the partial hardening of Israel. During the time of the Gentiles there is a partial hardening upon Israel according to the purpose of God. And when the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled all Israel shall be saved. In the last generation, Israel shall make up the majority and only a remnant of the Gentiles will remain. The church is not a Jewish sect, just as much as it is not a Gentile sect. The assembly of the living God is made up of men and women from all nations, Jews and Gentiles. This understanding is sure and true and it is Paul’s. For it is written in Galatians 3:26ff: “For you are all children by the faith that is in Christ Yeshua. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ: Christ put you all on as one garment. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond or free, there is neither male or female: for you are all one in the Christ, Yeshua. And if you belong to Christ (as His one garment), then are you Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to promise.” For the gospel preached to Abraham was not “in thy seed one nation shall be blessed”, or “in the seed some of the nations shall be blessed”, or “in thy seed most of the nations shall be blessed”, but the promise made to Abraham was “in thy seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed”, and the seed is one and the seed is Christ. And the interpretation is sure and true.

The Gentile believer of our day says, that the Jews must be evangelized in particular. Beloved, God has not forgotten His people called by His name, Yisrael. Though men forget them and despise them, God will never forget Yisrael. Do you think there has ever been a generation that God has forsaken His people entirely, though there be few that God chose to put into Christ. This is the eternal purpose of God in Christ Yeshua. God will save His people and He will do it without the assistance of men, quite the contrary, had they known the purpose of God and His purpose toward Yisrael, they would not permit the judgment that is to fall upon the earth.

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