Millions of babies aborted, offered up to gods who are no gods, in the western world, in the whole world.

In the US alone tens of millions abortions among those who call themselves Christians

In the US Christians trying to change laws to outlaw abortion

In the US how many who are called Christians are getting abortions?

We can not clean up our own house and we are going to clean up the world?

If Christians quit getting abortions how many babies would not be aborted? How many temples that sacrifice these babies would be put out of business?

All understanding comes through knowing Christ in the one true gospel.

Could Yeshua be aborted and fulfill the purpose of God? No

God is life and Yeshua tasted death for all men, so that all people would not have to die. But many are called few are chosen according to the purpose of God.

What would Yeshua do? Would Yeshua promote abortion? No!

Would God promote abortion? No! He is the God of life!

God and His people are for life. We are not for death. Why then do so many who call themselves Christians abort babies? I and those with me have been confronted with this decision and in the grace of God life was chosen, no matter what the consequences. We have not control over life. When life is conceived in a womb it is God who is in control, O Christian  person.

Why do we go to the unbeliever to change their laws, and we cannot clean up our own house. Perhaps we have given up on our house, and we are deceived into thinking it is much easier to clean up the world. How many false prophets are there in the world from among us! They say, abortion is a sin, but do not say it too loud or your money will dry up. We are most certainly deceived.

Father, we have sinned against you, against you only have we sinned, and apart from your grace and your mercy we shall most certainly perish. Continue to have grace upon the children of grace, that we can cry out for all men in this crooked generation of judgment. And in the end, the end of the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercies. And His mercy endureth forever. In Adam all died, in Christ all shall be made alive, EACH MAN in HIS own order (God’s own order).

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