Messianic Christian?

Beloved, literally “Christian” means “of Christos” or “one of Christos”: a follower of the Christos. Christos is the Greek word for “anointed one”, or in the Hebrew “mashiach”. As “seed” or “zerah” prophesied the coming promised one at the beginning, as the prophets continued to fortell Yeshua, they spoke of “mashiach”, the anointed one. The “seed” and “the mashiach” prophesy of one and the same person, Yeshua, the Son of God.

Now in Acts when we find the word Christian first used, it was in Antioch, where the followers of the one true gospel were first called “Χριστιανος”, Christianos, or “of the Christos”. The unbelievers called the chosen ones by grace, Christianos. Believers did not call themselves Christians. Believers did not give themselves a name. God allowed unbelievers to name them. And so why are we compelled to name ourselves? Is it not enough, that we are followers of Mashiach who is Yeshua of Nazareth. It is not enough that we are the chosen ones of God called by His grace and His will. But Christian, I will let the unbeliever call me that, if he wish.

If we call ourselves(I speak concerning Gentiles, the nations, those not of Yisrael) messianic Christians, first we are calling ourselves this, and not God. Second, we are stuttering. Why would we say we are “the Christ’s follower of Christ”?

Now in the Christos, the Mashiach, there is neither Jew or Greek, bond or free, male or female: we are all one in the Christos. If I am a Jew in Christ with the Gentiles then we are all “of Mashiach”. If there are messianic Jews, then there must be messianic Gentiles, and they must be one and the same. Is a female chosen by God in Christ somehow not a female. Does she cease from bearing children? having breasts? Does a slave on the moment of conversion by God, cease to be a slave in the flesh? (I speak as a fool for your foolishness!) If a Gentile Christian cannot call himself a messianic Christian, or else he is stuttering. Then a Jew cannot be a messianic Christian. We are one in Christ, and there is not division in the Spirit. There is one Spirit, one faith, one Father of us all, and by the way, one dipping in the name of Yeshua (baptism). Now as of the Gentiles, I am “of Meshiach”. I am a follower of Mashiach. Then, so too, let the Jew be “of Mashiach, a follower of Mashiach. If a Gentile cannot be a messianic Gentile, and be one with the Jew, then let the no one be messianic anything. We are followers of Mashiach. And, oh high minded Gentiles, His name is not J-E-S-U-S who you call him. It is Yeshua as the very least. And He is Christos who is Mashiach. We will not cease from using the language of the scriptures, for God has not forsaken His people. We will not forget that the prophets were of Hebrews, of Yisrael, if Yudah. For through their unbelief, faith came to the Gentiles. And in the fulness of times, when the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled (now, this is a generation of judgment), it is now through the unbelief of the Gentiles, faith will come to Israel, and as it is written, “all Yisrael shall be saved.” For during the time of the Gentiles there was a partial hardening of Yisrael according to the purpose of God, but now “the time is at hand”. The day of salvation of Yisrael. Yisrael does not await another judgment, but she awaits the spirit of grace and supplication. She awaits the moment when God grants her grace. And there will no longer be a partial hardening. And the promise made to Avraham will be fulfilled, “in thy seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed”, without partiality. And the purpose of God will be complete. And I see a new heaven and new earth without the sea: without judgment forever and ever, eternal righteousness reigning.

Now I will mention the chosen ones of God who are of Yudah, of Yisrael. I will mention them again to the nations who might be high minded. Israel is a distinct nation, as are all the lands of the Gentiles. They are included in the gospel preached to Avraham, “in thy seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.” In the Christos the distinction of people is not done away with in the flesh. I have traditions passed to me from my ancestors, just as you. As long as these traditions are not contrary to Mashiach, then they may continue. I may enjoy the traditions of the Jews, and they may enjoy my traditions, as long as they are not contrary to Christ. Now with my Jewish brethren, they and we must be aware, that the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God, the Law, the Torah. There is a Law of condemnation of the Jew, as there is a law of condemnation for the Gentile. For if a Law could have been given to produce righteousness one would have surely been given, and the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, would not needed to have died on a cross. The Gentile can make Laws contrary to Mashiach, as sure as the Jews.

And I will also mention the assembly of the living God, the bride of the Christ, made up of Jews and Gentiles, a peculiar people, a holy nation, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, living and abiding in the presence of God forever. I will mention the saved and the nations of the saved. God has forsaken none. For in Adam ALL died, and in the Mashiach ALL are made alive, each man in His own order: in God’s own order of things: the saved and the nations of the saved. 

So if there be any boasting, Gentile or Jew, let the boasting be in the Mashiach, the Christos, Yeshua of Nazareth, raised from the dead! For He alone is worthy of all praise!

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