Calvin (1509-1564)

A biographer in italics and my comments in bold:

At some point between the spring of 1532 and the spring of 1534, Calvin experienced what he later called a “sudden conversion”. Of its circumstances nothing is known for certain, (Beloved, what would we say if we say the circumstances of Paul’s conversion are unknown. We could not judge what happened to Paul. In like manner we have no idea what happened to Calvin. There is so much uncertainty that Calvin himself could not describe his own conversion. I must say by Calvin own inability to describe his conversion that I cannot either. And from his doctrine, that God does not love all men, and that Yeshua ha Mashiach did not die for all men, that I do not even know if grace was ever given to him by God. By this all his doctrines must be rejected. As the doctrines of all whose conversion is uncertain and their doctrine is contrary to the Mashiach.) but at its center was the conviction that God, in his secret providence, had turned Calvin’s course in a new direction and was teaching his hardened heart. Religion thereafter held first place in Calvin’s thoughts. Whether Calvin even thought of breaking with the Roman church is doubtful. He was still a member of the humanistic circle in Paris, of which Roussel and his intimate friend Nicholas Cop were leaders. (More evidence that Calvin is contrary to the Mashiach.)

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