The Absolute Authority of the One True Gospel!

Beloved, the statement, we base all things on “the absolute authority of the scriptures” is stated many times, and false doctrine hides behind the words. In this statement the word  “scripture” is stated but it makes no distinction between the Old and the New Testament. It makes no distinction between the writings of the prophets and the writings of the apostolos. There is the Old and there is the New.

As I have written before the writings of the prophets were first spoken by holy men of God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. These are the prophets of Yisrael: Moshah, David, Shelomoh (Salomon), Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) and others. These men were moved by the Spirit of God and spoke words that prophesied or foretold of things relevant to the hearers, and the foretelling and the fulfillment both prophesy of the Meshiach. It is these prophecies (all the verses of the Old Testament) and their fulfillmentthat are altogether fulfilled in the Meshiach, Yeshua of Nazareth. It is these prophecies that are accepting by grace and the will of God when God gives grace to a person in the midst of the preaching of the one true gospel. And the one true gospel is the Mashiach, died for our sins according to the Tanach (the Hebrew name for Old Testament), He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Tanach. The gospel when accepted by the grace of God is accepted in its entirety: the Meshiach died for our sins, and according to the Tanach, and He was buried, and He was raised the third day, and according to the scriptures. The scriptures are accepted as the word of God. If it was not so, the man would not be left with “the faith of Yeshua”. It is so!

Could we say, the “absolute authority of the Old Testament and the New Testament?” Again this is not true, for the apostolos based their understanding on the Old Testament as did Yeshua, as they spoke and wrote over and over, “it is written”. The Old Testament is accepted by grace and the will of God, and New Testament is judged by the one true gospel. So if the New Testament is based on the Old, can we then say, “the absolute authority of the Old Testament”. Now the Old Testament is the Word of God. But the written word alone is letter which killeth, and there is also Spirit which giveth life. We cannot say, the absolute authority of the written word, the letter only, as believers, for it would only bring death, and we are appointed to life.  For if a Law could have been given to produce righteousness one would most certainly have been given and he Mashiach would not needs to have died.

Beloved, in the assemblies of God where the one true gospel is preached there is authority by the preaching of the gospel. The word is preached by the gospel. For the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. So where does authority rest? In God and His power. And where does His power rest? In the one true gospel. And so rather than us saying the “absolute authority of the scriptures”, we now say the “absolute authority of the one true gospel”. This is true! And the one true gospel cannot be preached by the will of man. For what man can  will the power of God. Wherever the one true gospel is preached there is the will of God and His grace and He has authority.

The absolute authority of the scriptures sounds so good to the flesh, but the flesh despises the absolute authority of the one true gospel.  The flesh despises Yeshua ha Mashiach. For it is offended with His love toward all men equally without partiality. And so they of the flesh continue to say they rest in the absolute authority of the scriptures, and the one true gospel is forsaken by them. But where the one true gospel is preached, there is the absolute authority of God, and His will shall be done. Look at Yeshua!

“Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers over your joy: for by the faith of Yeshua you stand.”

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