Rebuke in the one true gospel

There are times when the one true gospel is preached, and a letter such as James (in the New Testament) could be written, without much reference to the gospel and a few inferences to the Old Testament. The hearers minds are filled with the knowledge of the one true gospel, and the scriptures of the prophets (Tanach) and the true grace of God. But I will never be negligent to remind you of these things as long as I am in this flesh, said Peter, the apostolos. There is a difference in what can be taught with the abundance of the gospel, and of the scriptures of the prophets and of the true grace of God, and if any of these things be lacking. If there be lacking then the one true gospel must be declared from the scriptures of the prophets (prophesying) first and foremost, and there is not much teaching. The hearers are not ready for strong meat, they are babes and can only take the milk of the gospel. There is strong meat. There is strong meat and it is the understanding of the one true gospel. There must always be an abundance of the one true gospel preached. If in the assembly there is much prophesying, than there will be much teaching. If there is not much prophesying, than there will not be much teaching by God. There should always be much prophesying whether by the messenger of the assembly, or the members of the assembly, for all may prophesy male and female (but the woman must be covered or subjected). And when there is much prophesying by the members of the assembly, then there can be many words of a teacher, and God will abundantly teach. The gift of a teacher does not teach. He only shares what God has taught him. Believers will already have understanding and say it is true, or they will know what they do not know. God will be their teacher.

 The believers written to in James are in assemblies where the one true gospel was preached. But in this day and hour when the one true gospel is ignored and rejected by the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians, I will not cease from declaring the one true gospel. For they have no understanding, and it is as if they never knew the true grace of God. The one true gospel must be preached again and again, if perhaps God might grant them repentance.  The one true gospel without controversy in the grace of God, is the Mashiach died for our sins according to the Old Testament (Tanach), He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Tanach (Old Testament). (Luke 24, 1 COr 15:1-6) Yeshua of Nazareth is the Mashiach of God.

Beloved, when is there rebuke in the one true gospel? There is rebuke when an assembly falls from its first love, the one true gospel,  Yeshua ha Mashiach. Our first love is Yeshua. And Yeshua is the Mashiach. And Yeshua, the Mashiach, is the one true gospel. For we call the one true gospel, the gospel of the Mashiach, and the gospel of Yeshua, and the gospel of grace. They are all one and the same. The Father and the Son are one. God the Father and the Spirit is one. The Spirit is one as He testifies zealously of Yeshua, the Son of God.  So there will be much rebuke when the one true gospel ceases to preached. For when the one true gospel ceases to be preached there will be all manner of false doctrine and unrighteousness. Paul wrote First Corinthians primarily to remind the assembly at Corith of the one true gospel: “Moreover, brethren!” (1 Cor 15:1) And in the midst of falling from their first love, there were all manner of actions they were rebuked for. Such as “taking a brother to law in front of unbelievers”, “Showing partiality when assembling, for some were full with eat and drink and some deprived in their assembly”, and “not mourning when one had sexual relations with his father’s wife in the midst of them (with common knowledge)”. I could go one, but the testimony of two or three confirms the fact.

There is rebuke when believers cause other believers to dissassemble with one another. This was the rebuke of Paul to Peter in Galatians. This is the symptom of why all denominations are contrary to Mashiach. The reason why denominations dissassemble believers, is because they do not preach the one true gospel. They pay lip service to the gospel, but their doctrines are what they hold fast, and their doctrines are in great error. There is no life in them, only death. There is the dissassembling of believers among all denominations, whatever they are called, even non-denominational. God is not mocked. Denominations always have been and will always be contrary to the Mashiach. There is unity of the faith in the grace of God to accept the one true gospel. For this is common grace. There is common faith, it is the gift of God. One faith, the faith of Yeshua. It is His faith and it is one and the same among all the children of grace. And as it was with Peter, for this is a serious thing when believers dissassemble, perhaps God would grant mercy (for those who dissassemble and have gone beyond grace; for there remains no sacrifice for sins) to rebuke and restore those who dissassemble from any of the children of grace.

So there is rebuke when the one true gospel is not preached. There is rebuke when believers are provoked to dissassemble with one another. Now if a brother is a heretic after two admonitions reject him. This rejection is a work of God. Stand and wait for your God to separate the goats from the sheep. Watch! If he has been caught up in sin, preach the one true gospel to him, but do not consider him an enemy for God might restore the man, or he might fall away. This is a work of God. Watch and wait for your God! This is the will of God, and only God knows what will happen to the man. And if he falls away then you will find that you have loved your enemy to the end, better yet God has granted you to partake in the love of God toward all men. And God shall be greatly magnified for His exploits of love. Preach the one true gospel by the grace and will of God, and the purpose of God will be fulfilled in all things. Look at Yeshua, the author and finisher of the faith, who faithfully preached the one true gospel, and the purpose of God was accomplished in His generation: death for our sins, burial and resurrection the third day. He was betrayed by a friend and rejected by all and fulfilled the purpose of God.

Now where the one true gospel is preached there is unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God. There is the assembly of “God’s making” in the midst. And there will be the desire to fellowship, or fellowship but only in the one true gospel. For how can a brother or sister who calls themselves children of grace reject the one true gospel you bring to them, if they indeed walk in grace. They do not walk in grace. Do not be fooled! There will be the desire to fellowship only if they are separated by geography. If they abide in the same place there will be fellowship. This is sure and true. If we walk in the light as He is in the light we will have fellowship one with another. And again I say, we will have fellowship one with another. Do you not know that it was God who granted grace to men, allowed the gospel to preached, and put the candlestick in the midst of the assembly wherever the one true gospel is preached? Do you not know that where the one true gospel is preached it is the work of God? In this crooked generation of judgment they do not know. For in this place where I abide (and those with me) the one true gospel is preached. And God has attached those whom He has seen fit by His grace and will. If this be so, why will there be those who rebuke me for preaching the one true gospel? Out of the pure water of the one true gospel comes forth pure doctrine. Who do they rebuke but God. For it is God who worketh in us to do what He pleases. Their judgment means very little, for I judge not myself, for God is my judge. Thus, he who rebukes the one who preaches the gospel of truth is of his father, the father of lies and false accusations.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Yeshua ha Mashiach, who has blessed us with all blessing of the Spirit in the Mashiach, Yeshua!

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