Those who call themselves Christians quit having abortions!

“Judge not the unbeliever.”

Looking at Yeshua, the Mashiach, and God’s eternal purpose, how many abortions could Mary have, that the purpose of God in Yeshua would allow? The answer is God eternal purpose in Yeshua does not allow for one abortion from conception to birth. God’s eternal purpose does not allow the taking of one life in the womb. I speak to the spiritual. I talk to you who call yourselves Christians. One abortion is contrary to the Mashiach. It is antichristos (against Christ). And so in the assemblies of God there will be no abortions AT ALL in the true grace of God. And what would happen if those who call themselves Christians quit having abortions? Read Act 16:16ff. Do you not know that there are people who are making great gain from this disception, that a child in the womb can be killed. We offer our children up on the altars of our wombs, and bring the wrath of God down upon us. I speak to those who call themselves Christians, and make their boast in God and the Bible. I do not speak to the unbeliever.

Father, forgive us, for we have sinned against you alone, and apart from your grace and mercy we shall most certainly perish. Save us not for anything we have done, but only for your righteousness and your good name  sake in Yeshua’s name we beseech you. It is true!

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