Authority of a Pastor

Beloved, be not deceived from the simplicity that in Yeshua the Mashiach. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel is the authority of God. So if a man who calls himself a pastor preaches not the gospel, what authority does he have? And if a man who calls himself a pastor, preaches not the one true gospel, whose pastor is he? Not of God! And if he knows not the gospel, he is the same as a unbeliever, a unbeliever of the one true gospel, without the faith of Yeshua, or reprobate. Just because a man has a religious title, this does not mean he has any authority from God. But if he preaches the one true gospel, then judge right judgment. For no man preaches the one true gospel except by the will and grace of God. Can the carnal declare that which is spiritual, and the one true gospel is of the Spirit?

And if a man is a gift to the assembly from God, he will have no title but be called your brother. Recognize the grace of God upon him and them, and grant them double honor, so they would have honor as you. And he will preach the one true gospel and it is the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, died for our sins and according to the Tanach, He was buried and He rose again the third day and according to the Tanach. This is the gospel I preach and the gospel those with me are attached to, by the will and grace of God.

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