Who hath believed our report?

In the generation of judgment that the purpose of God be fulfilled, it is declared by the Spirit of God as it is written, “Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord  revealed?” When the prophecy was first given by the second prophet named Isaiah, Yerushalem had been judged, and the people were in captivity. And the Lord said unto Yudah, “Wherefore, when I came, there was no man. When I called, there was no one to answer? Is my hand to shortened at all that it cannot redeem? Or have I no power to deliver?” The prophet said to Yudah despite God coming and there was no man among Yudah who came, and despite calling, and there was no man among Yudah who answered, God is able to redeem and God is able to deliver, despite having no man from the earth to help. For God needs nothing from men, for He is the owner of all things, and even if He needed help He would not ask.  And so God Himself raised up a servant not among Yudah in the days of the second Isaiah, but among the nations to deliver the people from captivity. For this one from among the nations despite none of Yudah having a heart as God’s toward the people, had a heart toward Yudah-had a heart toward the people, as God’s. His name was Cyrus, a king among the nations who according to the purpose of God, when there was none among the captives of Yudah with a heart like God, God raised him up, a man from outside of Yudah with a heart for the people. How much more is the prophecy and the fulfillment, fulfilled in the Lord Yeshua the Mashiach. For when God could find none among all humanity who ever had or will lived, He raised up One from the heavens to deliver mankind from their sin. Cyrus was a man who was used to declare the Mashiach in the Tanach.  And Cyrus was a man in need of Savior as all men are. But at the appointed time, God Himself gave His only begotten Son a sacrifice for the sins of all men. In the generation of Yeshua the Mashiach, the purpose of God was, “Who hath believed our report?” As it is in all the generations of judgment. For the purpose of God is one and the same in all the generations of judgment. As it is in this generation of judgment we live in, once again the Spirit says, “Who hath believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” But God Himself has raised up a people in the midst of men who thoughts and imagination were continually wicked. Grace found the few among the many. Many are called few are chosen. And He has been the teacher of the few, and He will be their deliverer and save them from their sin by Him who was from the heaven, Yeshua the Mashiach.

And so it is in all the generations of judgment, which generation we live in. For had they known the Lord of glory they would not permit the things that came upon the earth, and now the things that will befall the earth.

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