Those who call themselves Christians, oppose Christians

I preach the one true gospel. It is the Mashiach died for our sins according to the Tanach, He was buried and He was raised again the third day according to the Tanach. Yeshua of “Nazareth” is the Mashiach of God. By the preaching of the one true gospel then you must agree (if grace is with you) with the words of understanding of Yohan, the apostolos, “Everyone that confesses that Yeshua the Mashiach has come in the flesh is of God.” (1 Yohan 4) See, I am of God by the preaching of the one true gospel. I cannot preach it unless God gives grace according to His will. I could preach it out of envy and strife, but I have none to be envious in the preaching of the gospel, for the one true gospel has been ignored these past over twenty years by this crooked generation. So if the one true gospel has been rejected except for the few that abide in the assembly God has brought forth in this place, I have no one to be envious and cause strife, as some did as Paul reported in his letter to the assembly at Philippi. I preach the one true gospel out of love.

You see, oh man and woman, who call yourself a Christian, you have been brought forth in a crooked generation. You know not the one true gospel, for the prophets that preach to you, they do not know the one true gospel, for they reject it. They will not let the one true gospel be heard in the midst of the sheep, for it would most certainly bring to light the words they speak out of their own breath when they say, “Thus saith the Lord.”

See, oh man and woman, who call yourself a Christian, who abide in this crooked generation, you were brought forth in a generation where the one true gospel is not preached after grace came to you, if indeed it came, and the false prophets have not declared the power of God to you, and because of this you know not the gospel. You ignore it and judge it to be the words of a man, and it is indeed the word of God. You reject it and ignore it and oppose the messenger that declares the one true gospel, because you do not want to see how far you have fallen from grace. You do not want to know how great is your sin, oh person, who calls yourself a Christian. You, oh blind person who calls yourself a Christian, you have been led by blind prophets into the judgment of God. They have not warned you, but have said, be at peace and prosper.

You, who call yourself a Christian, hate the children of light. You reject them. You ignore them. You oppose them. I speak not to the unbeliever, but to you who call yourself a Christian. You condemn the unbeliever, and do greater works of unrighteousness than they. And if you oppose the children of light, will you love the unbeliever? Of course not, you are of your father, the false accuser. You are proud and consume the things of the world on your lusts and desires and passions. You reject and oppose and leave alone and depart from the children of light, and your only hope is that the children of light will perish, and you do whatever you can do, that they would stumble and fall. But God is the Savior of men, and despite men, He will save those whom He has chosen. God is the God of all comfort and His arm is not short to save to the uttermost.

Without the love of the brethren we are nothing, certainly not followers of the Mashiach (Christians). For Yeshua said, they will know we are His disciples by our love one to another.  And the preaching of the one true gospel is love and does exploits of love. And if the righteous ones will scarcely be saved, what will be of those who reject the one true gospel that has been freely preached unto them?. “How can you say you love God, whom you do not see, and oppose your brethren whom you do see, you hypocrite, who call yourself a Christian.” Yeshua ha Mashiach died for me and those with me as much as He died for you, and you oppose them,  because you have fallen from grace in the midst of this crooked generation of judgment. A wondrous thing has taken place in this generation, those who call themselves Christians oppose (hate) the children of light. This has happened in other generations, but especially in generations of judgment. Those who call themselves Christians have become lovers of themselves, and not lovers of God and this would make them lovers of people. The time of the nations (Gentiles) has been fulfilled. Come Lord Yeshua, come quickly. For unless these days shall be shortened no flesh shall be saved.  We have sinned greatly against you, O Lord. Grant us continuous grace not for anything we have done, but by and for your righteousness and your good name alone, Yeshua ha Mashiach, we beseech you our Father, in His name, your good name!

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One Response to Those who call themselves Christians, oppose Christians

  1. habasar says:

    Amen. It is true!

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