Called an “apostolos”

Beloved, I have no title. I have also written on the meaning of “apostolos” in another entry. But to summarize, “apostolos” is an untranslated, “English”cized (or anglicized) Greek word. The Greek word itself is derived from two words “apo” (meaning apart) and “stolos” (a strengthened form of the word “stao”. Stao simply means to “to stand”.) To bring across the strengthening of “stolos” in the English the best word I have found is”standfast”. Thus a strengthened form of “to stand”, is “to standfast”. Thus an “apostolos” is “one who stands fast apart”. And this is a gift from God, not a title (Eph 4). Because of this Paul writes in Roman 1, “Paul, a servant of the Mashiach, called an apostolos, separated unto the gospel”. He speaks of a gift, and not a title. Some foolishly would say the gift of apostolos is not for today. I would say that the gifts are for all generations of the time of the nations (Gentiles), which generation we are in and more so. For we are in  the final generation of the time of the nations, a generation of judgment. In Roman 1 the KJV states “called to be an apostle”. “To be” is in italics meaning it is a literary addition, not a translated word. Paul writes that he is called an apostolos. No title here. Again, he is called an apostolos, not because of him being something, but because of the gift of grace upon him for the assembly of God. All are not apostolos. And in another place he says he is nothing. But he is what he is by the grace of God.

And so the apostolos are gifts from God, “ones who standfast apart”, for the assembly of God. The gifts are for the assembly. If they are yours already, why will you be envious and jealous of that is what is already yours. If this be the case, and you are envious, you are deceived. The apostolos, the gift, gives the chosen ones that which is necessary by grace to attach themselves to the one true gospel. Do you not know that Paul too was a chosen one? Have you not read in Acts after Peter preached the one true gospel, “Then they that gladly received his word (an apostolos, “one who stands fast apart”), they were dipped in water (in Yeshua’s name), and the same day there were added about three thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly in the apostolos’ (ones who stands fast apart) doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” What a wonderful passage! They, being the assembly of God that was brought forth in Yerushalem, continued steadfastly in the “ones who standfast apart’s” doctrine. Grace abounds upon grace! By the gift of the “ones who standfast apart”, the chosen ones are brought forth and steadfastly continue in their doctrine, the apostolos’ doctrine. The gift of apostolos is that which allows the one true gospel to be brought forth that the chosen ones are enabled by grace to steadfastly continue in the doctrine of the apostolos, apostolos being more than one. And though they be called apostolos in the grace of God, they are nothing. But they are what they are by the grace of God. Let no man esteem himself more highly than he should.

Beloved, the apostolos do not continue in each other doctrines, but each gift of grace is what it is, the “ones who standfast apart”. And yet in this grace they are not highminded. There is the submission to the one true gospel by all, but if necessary there is the opposing to one’s face if he departs from the truth of the one true gospel. Read what is written in Galations 2 concerning Paul and his response to Peter disassembling. And yet the apostolos are confidence in the grace of God. None is able to persuade them from the one true gospel as they themselves remain in the grace of God. And the saints of the most high God steadfastly continue in grace upon grace. And all continue in grace and upon grace.

To the spiritual, I write, judge the gift of the grace that is upon me, though I be nothing. For I am either a false apostolos, or called an apostolos of God. Is the gospel preached faithfully? Is the gospel preached free of charge? Yes, and yes. Has not the gospel been preached in this place continually these past over 20 years with persecution? Has not the whole counsel of God been proclaimed and nothing held back? Yes, and yes. But if a man came in his own name he would be accepted and honored if there was no grace, but there is grace. In this place where the gospel has been preached there has been rejection and dishonor. Do you not know without a doubt what the one true gospel is? Yes, and repeated ten thousand times and even more. And the one true gospel, is the Mashiach died for our sins according to the Tanach, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Tanach. (Luke 24, 1 Cor 15) “Yeshua of Nazareth: is the Mashiach! The testimony of two confirms the fact that this is the one true gospel. “Lo in the volume of the book it is written of Me” sayeth the Father to the Son.  

And so if this be all true, then it is God who speaks in this place and not man. And your salvation draweth nigh. Come Lord Yeshua, come!

They, the children of grace, steadfastly continue in the apostolos’ doctrine, and the apostolos do not continue in the children’s doctrine, though they themselves are a child also. All continue in the gospel and the doctrine of Yeshua ha Mashiach. Again the children of grace attach themselves to the apostolos’ doctrine, the apostolos attach themselves to the assembly in love. And there is fellowship one with another and we are the assembly of the living God. And we have the mind of the Mashiach. And we have the Anointing, and know all things, and need no man to teach us, for God is our teacher. Nevertheless, the children are attached to the apostolos’ doctrine, not the apostolos to their doctrine, and the apostolos to them, the assembly. And if you do not understand these things, let God be your teacher. If you do not have understanding, perhaps you do not ask or you ask amiss. Why do you not ask, and ask right!

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2 Responses to Called an “apostolos”

  1. leann says:

    Yes, God’s gospel(Yeshua died for our sins was buried and rose the third according to the scriptures)has been preached each and every time we have gathered over the years. God has been faithful and preached Yeshua freely. As a member of this assembly I have witnessed this. Come Lord Yeshua!

  2. gwen says:

    GOD is true. the gospel has been preached in our mist over 20 years. thanks God for your free gift and the grace that has attached us to it.

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