What is IN, “the faith” of our Lord, Yeshua?

“My brethren, there is no favoring of an individual in the faith of our Lord, Yeshua, the Mashiach of glory.” – James 2:1

God loves all men without reservations, whether one has the faith of Yeshua, or whether one does not, whether one believes or does not believe. God loves all people without partiality. God loves all people, male and female, equally. The love of God is true in the midst of the many who are called, and few are chosen. Do you not know that God choses the election by grace, and He loves all people. There is no favortism in the faith of God, only every thing is as it needs to be. In the new heaven and the new earth there are the saved, and there are the nations of the saved. In those days all people will be found in the love of God. The few living and abiding in the presence of God, and the many bringing the glory of the nations to the new Yerushalem but not entering in. Everything is as it is needful to be. This is the way is was needful to be accomplished, the very purpose of God in the Mashiach, Yeshua. It was needful for Yeshua the Mashiach to suffer and die, be buried and raised again the third day according to the Tanach. It was needful for all the prophets to prophesy as it is written in all their writings called the Old Testament or the Tanach concerning the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth. It was needful for past judgments and the judgment to come to fulfill the purpose of God.

So if God loves all people without partiality, then the chosen ones must love all people without partiality, especially those who believe. This is a law, to love one another. Not that there is partiality, but if the children do not love the brethren in the days of the flesh, who will love the brethren. It will be only God. For the world hates the children of light. If the chosen ones honor not other chosen ones who will honor the children of light? Not the world, for it only loves its own.

And so there is a law, that the chosen ones love and honor the other chosen ones.  This is not partiality. Though we prefer one another this is not partiality of love. For if we do not prefer one another, the world does and will most certainly reject the children of light. The chosen ones are of male and female, bond and free, of Yudah and the nations, black and white, of all nations. If you hate one person, you are guilty of all. To hate one person, is contrary to the Mashiach, for He loves all people. Do not be deceived, your ignoring and rejection of this one true gospel I know I preach is hate. And there is a law from God, that the chosen ones will love the brethren, and if the brethren, they will most certainly love  all people.

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