Roman Catholic Worldly, Fleshly, Carnal Kingdom

The word “church” is the mis-translation of the Greek word “ekklesia” (Strong’s 1577). “Ekklesia” is found  a 118 times in the NT, 115 times translated “church” and 3 times translated “assembly”.  The word “ekklesia” should be translated all 118 times as “assembly”, though in each instance does it refer to an assembly of the followers of the Mashiach. The word “church” began to come into use in the English language in the Middle Ages, some time before the 12th century. The 1395 Wycliffe translation used the word “church” (chirche). But, the 1525 Tyndale version did not use it. Tyndale translated ekklêsia properly, as “congregacion”. The roots of the word “church” are as follows. It comes via the Middle English chirche, from the Old English cirice. It is said that cirice in its turn came from the first word in the old Greek phrase kuriakê oikia which meant “the Lord’s house”. Thus, the etymology (origin) and evolution of the word “church” is as follows: Old Greek kuriakê [oikia] (“lord’s [house]”) → Old English cirice → Middle English chirche → “church”.  The word “church” represents a long progression in the changing of an assembly of believers which were assumed to have been given grace by the will of God to attach themselves to the one true gospel, to the attaching of people to a “building made with men’s hands”. From a spiritual building made of living stones (believers) by God, the assembly became a dead building of stones made by man. These dead buildings were then thought to be purposed by man versus the assembly of the living God purposes by the will of God. The ministers of these dead building became ordained in other dead buildings called seminaries where dead doctrine called theology was taught. As if God is unable to teach His people, and that there is anything God needs from us. If He did need something, He would not ask us. The Father asked the Son for all things, the souls of all people, the restitution of all things.

All said, I have wrote these words to explain the title of this post. You see I cannot say, Roman Catholic Assembly, because it is no assembly of God. And I do not say Roman Catholic Church, because the word, “church” translated from “ekklesia” is grossly misunderstood. The dead church building made with man’s hands, a whitened sepulchre, has become synomymous with “assembly”. So I call this thing the Roman Catholic Worldly, Fleshly, Carnal Kingdom ruled by a worldly, fleshly, carnal king called a pope. I speak of no other earthly kingdom as this because the other kingdoms no longer call themselves Christian. But the Roman Catholic Worldly, Fleshly, Carnal Kingdom calls herself “Christian” and a “church” and is nothing of the sort.

Now, the king of Rome, he is not “the antichristos”, as has many times been surmised, but he is “a antichristos”. “Antichristos” spiritually is simply “one against Christ, the Mashiach Yeshua. All false prophets are antichristos, but there is one in the midst of a generation of judgment above the rest, he is “the antichristos”. The generation we abide is a generation of judgment. The time of the nations is fulfilled. The Pope is not “the antichristos” but most certainly is “a antichristos”.

The Roman Catholic Kingdom is against the Mashiach. It rejects the one true gospel. It is guilty of a multitude of sins and brings swift judgment upon itself. The Roman Catholic Kingdom is not “Secret Babylon” who is the mother of harlots – the mother is a harlot. The Roman Catholic Kingdom is one of the daughters of the mother of harlots. Secret Babylon will be destroyed in one day and one hour, one third of the earth shall be destroyed. Let all who are rejected by the harlot and her daughters rejoice!

Where are we in the purpose of God? “And here is the mind that has wisdom. The seven heads (of the beast) are seven mountains on which the woman (the harlot called the mother of harlots) sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is (when understanding is given concerning the falling away and the son of perdition, the antichristos), and one is yet to come. And when he cometh, he must continue a short space.” And the short time is about to come to end, for the seventh king has declared his stepping down. The form of the beast with seven heads is complete. The beast is ready for judgment. The day of judgment is at hand. The falling away has already occurred, the son of perdition, the false prophet, the antichristos has been revealed. Now when it is said the day of the Mashiach is at hand, be shaken in mind, be troubled in spirit, by word, by letter from us. For God has done a great work in our midst by the power of God, the one true gospel. For He has fulfilled His word, “Come ye out of her my people, lest ye be partakers of her plagues.”

One other point, and not much time needs to be given to it in the grace of God. Mat 16:18 speaks not about the foundation of the Roman Catholic “Church”. “The rock” is the revelation of Yeshua ha Mashiach from heaven by God the Father as He gives grace to whom He choses. All this had to do with Peter is as an object of God revealing the Mashiach to Peter. And this was before the death, burial and resurrection, so there was no grace and the Spirit yet given. This is clearly seen in Peter’s denial three times and his lack of understanding until the assembly of God was brought forth on Pentacost. When God gave gifts through the Mashiach to people, grace and the Spirit. Until the appointed time 10 days after the ascension of the Yeshua to the abode of God, there was no Spirit and grace. All things are of God choosing.

I mark this writing by the one true gospel. The one true gospel is the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, died for our sins according to the Old Testament, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Old Testament. (Luke 24 & 1 Cor 15:1-6)

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One Response to Roman Catholic Worldly, Fleshly, Carnal Kingdom

  1. Gwen Duckworth says:

    Thanks be to God for The assembly of The living God. It’s life, it’s pure, it’s holy, it’s God.

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