Hebrew Word Study: Yah

One of the most basic of all Hebrew words for God is YAH (Strongs 3050 – PS 68:4). YAH is found 49 times in the OT, translated “Lord” 48 times and JAH once. YAH is a root word (or building block) for other Hebrew words, or the basic Hebrew word for GOD is a root word for other Hebrew words. Perhaps it is better to state that GOD is the root or building block of all things. Of course!

The Hebrew word, YAda (Strongs 3045) is “to know”, or better yet, “God knows” and He is the giver of knowledge. Who knows anything but God? The Hebrew word, YAhab (Strongs 3051), is “to give” which is “Yah” as God, and “ab” as “Father”. Thus God as Father is the giver of all things. What can we give unless God first gives to us, such as our very life. The Hebrew word “YAda” (Strongs 3029) is “to praise” as “to give thanks”, thus, “God give thanks in the Mashiach: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him.” We give with our hand, those things which God has first given to us, thus, the Hebrew word for hand is “YAd” (Strongs 3027 & 3028). How much does God give to all people through Yeshua ha Mashiach who sits at the right hand throne of God? All good things. For from the “hand” comes forth the “giving” which comes forth “YAda”, “the knowing” which is knowledge given to us from God. God as Father, “YAdab” is the giver of life, and “YAda” is the giving of thanks, as in “to praise”. How can one praise YAH unless YAH first gives to them understanding of Himself, which He gives by grace and His will. In conclusion the common meaning through all these words derived from YAH is “give”, whether it be the “yad” that gives, or praise which is the giving of thanks, or the hand which gives or knowing which is given by YAH. Thus, YAH in its most basic sense as it relates to God is “the Giving One”. For “the Giving One” is the ” Giver of all good things”.

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