Hebrew Word Study: Adoniy and Adown

Adoniy (Strongs# 108) is found 434 times in the OT. 431 times it is translated “Lord” (capital “L” referring to YAH); 1 times “lord” and 1 time “God”. It is this Hebrew word that replaced Yahavah when the Old Testament is read by the Jews, and resulting in Yahavah being almost exclusively translated “Lord” in the OT – 6510 times out of 6519 times Yahavah is found in the OT. The first time “Adoniy” is found in the OT is in Gen 15:2 when Avraham addresses YAHavah, “Adoniy Yahavah”. In this particular passage the words are rightly translated “Lord God”. Another Hebrew word translated “Lord” though not exclusively in reference to Yahavah that is found in the OT is “Adown” (Strongs# 113). It is found 335 times in the OT translated lord 197 times,  master 105, Lord 31, owner 1, sir 1. The first time “adown” is found in the OT is Gen 18:12 where Sarah references her husband, Avraham”, as “adown” or translated “lord”. The first time “Adown” is referenced to “Yahavah” is Gen 19:18 when Lot addresses “Yahavah” as “Adown” or “Lord”. As far as I can see the root word for Adoniy/Adown is “ad” (Strongs# 108). It is found two places in the OT in Genesis 2:6 (translated mist) and Job 36:27 (vapour). In these two verses  there is a sense of being encompassed by water as rain or a midst or as being wet. It from this sense words with “ad” as their root derive their meaning. The Hebrew word “adab” is translated “grieve” in 1 Sam 2:33 in the context of tears and not allowing Eli to be encompassed and overwhelmed by the events that will befall him. Thus, “adown” or “Adoniy” is a ruler in the sense of encompassing. When one is your master he encompasses you and it is his will you live for and not your own. How much more so our YAH and ABBA. Blessed be YAHAVAH and ABBA of our Adoniy Yeshua ha Mashiach who has blessed us with all blessings of the Spirit in the Mashiach.

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One Response to Hebrew Word Study: Adoniy and Adown

  1. Gwen Duckworth says:

    I’m glad all things are by Him and for Him.

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