Hebrew Word Study: Elah

There is one other Hebrew word for God. It is “Elah” (Strongs# 426). It is found 95 times in the OT translated “God” 79 times, god 16. It is found exclusively in the books of Daniel and Ezra with one exception in Jer 10:11. This one time could be a mistake. But despite this, with this section of Jeremiah written prior to the judgment of Yahrushaliym in 586 BC by the Babylonians, Daniel written during the captivity in Babylon and Ezra written after the Jews were restored to the land and Babylon was judged by the Persians would include the entire time frame of the use of the word “Elah” in the OT. It is used for the God of Yisrael and the other gods round about, so the word could very well be of Babylonian origin, though it very closely resembles the Hebrew word for “the God of all gods”, “YAHavah Elohiym” – “EL”.

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