Year and Times of the New Testament Writings

Year and dates of the New Testament cannot be exactly determined. What can be sure about all the New Testament writings is they were all written before the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD with the possible exception of 2nd & 3rd John, and after the Mashiach, Yeshua, death for our sins, His burial and His resurrection the third day as the prophets foretold.

MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN were all written after the death, the burial, the resurrection and ascension of Yeshua ha Mashiach and not after the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD. There is no mention or implication in any letter of the New Testament that the judgment of Yerushalem had already occurred. There are often references and implication that judgment was coming. Assuming that Yeshua was born at the beginning of 1 AD ( the year could be as early as 2 BC as the years are currently counted). I will not haggle over exactness. Yeshua public ministry beginning at John dipping him in the River Yordan began when Yeshua was 30 years of age or about C. 30 AD. My understanding is his public ministry lasted between 1 & 2 years. This is contrary to the over three years that is commonly accepted. This is based on John’s account of his life and in particular his public ministry that lasted over the course of two passovers. Thus, his public ministry could not be more than 2 years long. This would put Yeshua’s death, burial and resurrection sometime in C. 31 AD. He, Yeshua, walked the earth 40 days after His resurrection and was ascended into heaven. 10 days after His ascension the Spirit was first given to the assembly. This is all in the year C. 31 AD.

ACTS was written around the end of Paul’s life in Rome prior to the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD. Paul died in Rome as did Peter C. 68 or 69 AD before the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD. Stephen is stone C. 34 AD. Paul is converted C. 36 AD. Paul preaches the gospel to the nations for over 30 years.

ROMANS it is said was written about 58 AD. I CORINTHIANS again it is said was written about 56 AD. 2 CORINTHIANS was written about 57 AD and after 1 Corinthians. GALATIANS was written about 52 AD. EPHESIANS written about 61 AD. PHILIPIANS and COLOSSIANS written about 62 AD. 1 THESSALONIANS was written about 52 AD with 2 THESSALONIANS following. In 2 Thessalonians Paul clearly states in the generation of judgment to “not soon be shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of the Mashiach is at hand…except there come a falling away first and that the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition revealed. As the time of this writing in the 50’s AD the falling away had not occurred and the man of sin was not revealed. God had not yet given understanding who the betrayer of the assembly was, the false prophets of false prophets, the antichristos of antichristos. In all Paul’s writings this understanding was not given. But in John’s writing called REVELATION understanding is given. For John declares, Nicolas, one of the first deacons of the assembly who would be an old man near to the time of the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD. John also says in Revelation that “time is at hand”. He cannot say this in spirit in truth unless the falling away has already occurred and the man of sin is revealed. The falling away had already occurred when Revelation was written and God had already revealed the son of perdition. Thus, Revelation must be written before the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD. It was!

1 TIMOTHY, 2 TIMOTHY and TITUS are said to be written in the 60’s AD. PHILEMON was probably written in the early 60’s AD. HEBREWS also was probably written in the 60’s AD.  JAMES in the 60’s AD. 1 PETER and 2 PETER both probably written in the 60’s AD. Peter would die in Rome as Paul in the late 60’s AD and before the judgment of Yerushalem in 70 AD.

1 JOHN was probably written in the 60’s AD prior to the son of perdition being revealed and the following away, but there seems to be an increase in false prophets. 2 JOHN and 3 JOHN were probably written after the judgment of Yerushalem. It is said they were written in the 80’s AD. JUDE was probably written in the 60’s AD.

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