The Will of God First, and Grace Follows and then Faith

The carnal mind is confounded by how God is able to show Himself to some but not others. God revealing Himself to “the few”, the saints, the separated ones, the assembly of God (they are all one and the same) is looked on as God being partial, and the person claiming that God has chosen him or her as they saying that God is partial to them. These are the thoughts of the false accuser. Do you not know that God made choice on the few before they did any evil or good, from the foundations of the world? How could they be partial if God made choice and He is not partial? The will of God has nothing to do with the will of a person. God makes choice who believes and who does not.

In Yohan 14 Yeshua says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments (keep the Law and Psalms and Prophets lawfully as prophecy). I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter (the very Spirit of the Father), that He (the Father) may abide with you forever (by His Spirit), even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, BECAUSE IT (the world) SEES HIM NOT, neither knows Him (neither can the world know Him). But you know Him, for He dwelleth in you (plural: He dwells in you in the assembly where the one true gospel is preached), and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you (by the Spirit of the Father). Yet a little while, and the world sees Me no more (that is in the flesh), but you will see Me (in the Spirit, blessed are they who believe and do not see), because I will live, and you also shall live. In that day (after the resurrection the third day, after the ascension into heaven, after seated at the right hand throne of God, after the Spirit of the Father is given), you shall know that I am in the Father, and you (plural) in Me, and I in you (plural). He that has my commandments (the Law and the Psalms and the Prophets), and keeps them (lawfully), he or she is they that loveth Me. And he or she that loves Me shall be loved of the Father, and I will love them, and WILL MANIFEST MYSELF TO THEM.”

Yudah saith unto Him, not “Ish Carioth”, “LORD, HOW IS IT THAT YOU WILL MANIFEST YOURSELF TO US AND NOT TO THE WORLD?” (It was another disciple named Yudah, not the betrayer Yudah, though the question could be mixed up as the betrayer saying the same thing, with the same lack of understanding. Yudah Ish Carioth rejected the eternal purpose of God in the Mashiach, and this Judah was night unto his misunderstanding, but God had grace.)

And the question remains to the carnal mind even unto this day, “LORD, HOW IS IT THAT YOU WILL MANIFEST YOURSELF TO US AND NOT TO THE WORLD?”  The answer was not given before the Mashiach, Yeshua’s death for our sins, His burial and His resurrection the third day. But after the Spirit was given the answer was given, God manifested Himself to some, a few and not to the many, by grace. All who are chosen by God accept the message of the one true gospel without reservation or controversy, and by grace, the free gift, not of works lest any person should boast. Paul, who I judge by the gospel, my brother in the Mashiach (may he be your brother in like manner) gives his understanding in the letter to Ephesians, as “by grace are you saved” and “For by grace are you saved through faith”. I agree with my brother Paul and yours that his understanding judged by the one true gospel is true. If one may ask I do not know how I have accepted the gospel, may those with understanding say, it is because of grace and the will of God, the free gift, not of works lest any person should boast.

First, the will of God and grace that follows and then the faith, and faith is one, and not many. It is the faith of YEshua. Looking unto Yeshua the author and finisher of the faith. Paul on the road to Damascus was first given grace which allowed him to accept the one true gospel and the faith followed. Paul did not decide to become a Christian, or decide to join a church or decide to get baptized. God made choice and decided to make Paul a believer. This is the right testimony of all the children of grace. No person decides to be a believer in the Mashiach. God decides.

The one true gospel is the Mashiach, Yeshua, died for our sins according to the Old Testament, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Old Testament. The one true gospel is Yeshua ha Mashiach. The grace of God is Yeshua ha Mashiach by the Spirit of grace. And the faith that comes by grace is of Yeshua ha Mashiach. Yeshua ha Mashiach is the sum of all things. He has been made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption, that according as it is written in the Old Testament as prophecy, “He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.” Let all the glory and the honor be to the blessed God and Father and His Son, the Lord Yeshua ha Mashiach. Amen and Amen!

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2 Responses to The Will of God First, and Grace Follows and then Faith

  1. Gwen Duckworth says:

    Thanks be to Elohim for His unspeakable gift!

    • habasar says:

      Yes, the indescribable gift is His Son Yeshua who He gives by another indescribable gift, His grace, with an another indescribable gift, the earnest of our inheritance, His Spirit, who only zealously testifies of Yeshua.

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