Word Study: Mashiyakh (or more commonly known as Messiah)

Mashiyach (pronounced “ma-she-akh) is a Hebrew word consisting of four letters (read right to left), mem-shiyn-yowd-kheyth. It literally means an ”anointed one”. Mashiyach is Strong’s number 4899. It is found 39 times in the OT translated anointed 37 times, Messiah 2. The 37 times it is translated “anointed” it should be translated “the anointed one”. For example, the first time it is found in the OT (Lev 4:3), the KJV states,” If the priest that is anointed do sin.” This should be translated, “If the priest, the anointed one, do sin.” Better yet I would not even translate the Hebrew word “mashiyakh” but leave it as “mashiyakh”. Then let the reader understand the meaning of the word “mashiyakh”. Thus, the priest as “the anointed one” is “ha mashiyach”, who prophesies of “Yeshua ha Mashiach”.

Mashiyach is found in the following OT verses:

The first four times “mashiyach” is found in the OT it references “priest(s)” as the “anointed one(s)”: Lev 4:3,5,16;6:22. Altogether in the OT when “mashiyach” is used in the OT the word references priest 5 times; king of Yisrael 28 times; the people of Yisrael 2 times (Lam 4:20;Hab 3:13) and Cyrus, a Gentile king 3 times (Is45:1;Dan9:25,26). Thus, “mashiyach” is always applied to a person. It is interesting in the pronounciation of “mashiyach” is found “ya” which by itself is “Yah” translated “God”. Thus, if this be the case the person spoke about in all these passages with “Mashiyach” contained within is “God’s anointed one” whether priest, or king of Yisrael, or the people of Yisrael or a Gentile king (king of the nations). In each of these passages whether priest, king or people it is indeed God doing the anointing or the choosing. There are no exceptions.

Before there was the spiritual word “mashiyach”, God prophesied the “promised one”, as “the zerah”, or “the seed” as when the gospel was preached to Avraham, “in the Zerah (the Seed) all the nations of the earth shall be blessed”, and the Seed is one and the Seed is the Mashiyach. This interpretation is sure and true. And so the one who is the promise of God was prophesied as “the Seed” first, and as the promised “Mashiyach” afterward. And then in the chronological order as it is written in the OT the one prophesied as “the Mashiyach” was first known and prophesied as “the priest”, and then “the king of Yisrael” and then “the anointed of the people of Yisrael” and then the Anointed One, the king of the nations. May the reader see by the true grace of God, that Yeshua ha Mashiach is the Seed, and the Mashiyach, and the anointed One who is a priest, and the anointed one who is the king of Yisrael, and the anointed one of the people of Yisrael who makes the people anointed ones, and the king of the nations, and the king of all people of all nations is one and the same. Is it not so! God loves all people equally without partiality! This is the understanding of God in the Mashiach after the Spirit was given to people. God is the teacher!

“Mashiyach” is derived from the Hebrew word “mashach (Strong’s 4886 pronounced “ma-shakh) consisting of three Hebrew letters, (read right to left), mem-shiyn-kheyth (the letter yowd is added to make up the word “mashiyach”). “Mashakh is found 69 total times in the OT: 68 times anoint and 1 time paint (Jer 22:14). Mashach literally means to smear or spread a liquid, but by far most commonly used to spread oil upon something. Oil symbolically means plenty or fatness. The oil has value over and above just the olives it was made from. It takes many olives to make a little oil, so by its very nature it has an increasing value. (The Hebrew word for oil is “shemen” as the place, Gethsemene, as it is derived from the Hebrew words, “Gath Shemen” or the place of the “olive press” (since “gath” is press) located near to the bottom of Mount of Olives.) The priest was anointed by God. The pillar was anointed by Yacob and by God. The king of Yisrael was anointed by God. Gentile kings are anointed by God. The Spirit of God is “the anointing of God”. For you, brethren, have the anointing, and the unction and know all things. We have the mind of the Mashiyach!

With the exception of Jer 22:14, in the OT “mashach” is used to anoint a person, and animal or a thing with oil as follows:
-king of Yisrael (31)
-priest (9 )
-unleavened bread (4)
-taberacle and all that is therein (3)
-Gentile kings (2)
-prophet (2)
-Burnt offering and vessels (1)
-Laver and feet (1)
-children of Yisrael (1)
-Altar, all vessels, laver and feet (1)
-Altar (1)
-Absolom (1)
-Shield (1)
-people anointed themselves (1)
-a pillar (1 times)
-ox (1)

The spiritual words “the anointed one”, “to anoint” and “oil” are found many times in the OT. Within these many passages are found great spiritual understanding, the very understanding of the Mashiyach, which is all spiritual understanding.

I mark this writing by the one true gospel, and the one true gospel is the Mashiyach, Yeshua of Nazareth, died for our sins according to the Old Testament, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Old Testament. (Luke 24, 1 Cor 15:1-6)

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