The First Time God Spoke To Me With Understanding

I was not seeking righteousness, quite the contrary, I was seeking unrighteousness, the first time God spoke to me. I was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousand of miles from land or a church building. In the midst of seeking unrighteousness I had an unexpected meeting with a man, a former seminary student, who preached the gospel to me. Summed up he declared the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, death for our sins, his burial and His resurrection according to the scriptures. In the midst of these words, the words to some degree I had heard hundreds if not thousands of time, because for a large part of my life I was a diligent Catholic, grace was given to me by God and His will and the one true gospel was accepted in a moment. It was as if I never heard the words of the gospel ever before. But this time I experienced God granting me grace to accept the gospel. The man who preached the gospel was just as surprised as me. For he had never witnessed a real conversion of God, and I was surprised because I thought I knew of the Mashiach, but I never knew Him. This is the work of grace for a person to accept the one true gospel without controversy. Waves of understanding flooded over me. I then knew that God loved all people, of which I was one, because the Mashiach died for all. I knew that Yeshua ha Mashiach was the creator of all things. I knew the love of God the Father in Yeshua ha Mashiach. And again he who preached to me was entirely ignorant to what had happened to me. How can this be that one person receives grace, and the person beside him is not given grace – this is the will of God.

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