Hebrews 13:1-8

Let the love of the brothers and sisters in the Mashiach continue.

Be not forgetful of hospitality toward strangers, for thereby some have entertained messengers unawares.

Judge all things by the gospel. A stranger comes to you who you do not judge by the gospel, and you show no hospitality to one who the Mashiach has died for, chosen and given grace.

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them, and them which endure adversity, as yourselves being in the body (of the Mashiach).

Do not shy away from that which is uncomfortable in the flesh, such as bonds and afflictions and adversity that some of the brethren endure. Do you not know that the godly in the Mashiach will endure persecution?

Marriage is honorable for all, and the marriage bed is undefiled, but sellers of sex and adulterers God will judge.

Flee fornication!

Let you conduct be without covetousness, and be content with the things you have, for He has said (in the Old Testament), ‘I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

The word of the Lord, “I will never leave thee or forsake thee” is found exactly in at least these two passages in the LXX, Deut 31:6,8 & Josh 1:5. The spiritual thought of the word of the Lord is found in these other passages: Gen 28:15; 1 Sam 12:22; 1 Chron 28:20; Ps 37:25,28; Is 41:10,17

So that we may boldly say (as it is written in the Old Testament), ‘The Lord is my helper’

The spiritual thought “The Lord is my helper” is found at least in these following passages: Ps 18:1; Ps 27:1-3,9; Ps 33:20; Ps 40:17; Ps 54:4; Ps 63:7; Ps 94:17; Ps 115:9-10; Ps 118:7-8; Ps 129:8

and (in another place), ‘I will not fear what man shall do unto me’.

This quotation is found in Ps 118:6.

Remember them which have rule over you (by the gospel to edification for joy), who have spoken the word of God, considering the matter of conduct, imitating the faith (of Yeshua ha Mashiach).

Yeshua ha Mashiach, the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.

God in the Mashiach never changes. He always was love, and always will be love. His gospel and His purpose is always the same. For the one true gospel is the Mashiach, Yeshua, died for our sins according to the Old Testament, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Old Testament. Any person who preaches another gospel let the judgment of God fall upon that person. Any person who preaches another gospel is antichristos. All who reject the one true gospel, reject the Son of God, Yeshua ha Mashiach, who is raised from the dead. He is the fulfillment of all the Old Testament writings. Yeshua ha Mashiach is very God who was crucified at the hands of the creature to reveal the love of God through the Father and the Son, word and action, water and blood.

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2 Responses to Hebrews 13:1-8

  1. Josh says:

    Yeshua the mashiach died on the cross, for all sin, according to the old testament was buried and raised the third day according to the old testament. Who does the prophet Prophesy of ? himself or some other man. plain,simple , Gods love.

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