Leviticus 19:18: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as I Yahavah!

The KJV translates Lev 19:18 as, “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am Yahavah.”

The Hebrew word that is translated “as” is “KeMoW” (Strongs H3644, כםו). This Hebrew word is found 20 total times in the OT. The passages are as follows, Gen 19:15 (WHEN the morning arose), Ex 9:18 (AS has not been in Egypt), Ex 15:5 (they sank into the bottom, AS a stone), Lev 19:18 (thou shalt love they neighbor AS THYSELF), Judges 9:48 (AS thou art), 2 Sam 18:3 (but (AS) thou art worth ten thousand of us), 1 Kings 22:4 (I am AS thou art), 2 Chron 35:18 (there was no passover (AS) like, Neh 6:11 (should such a man AS I flee), Job 12:3 (who knoweth not such thing AS thee), Ps 73:15 (I will speak AS), Is 26:17 (like (AS) a woman with child), Is 46:9 (I am Elohiym, and there is none LIKE me), Is 51:6 (they that dwell therein shall die in LIKE manner), Lam 1:21 (they shall be LIKE unto me), Haggai 2:3 (is it not in your eyes in COMPARISON of it AS nothing), Zech 5:3 (in COMPARISON of it AS nothing). If Lev 19:18 is left out all other 19 times KeMoW has a meaning of LIKE or AS and a sense of “comparing”. The sense of comparing is obvious as in Haggai and Zechariah in that KeMoW is translated by the word comparison. No other passage but Lev 19:18 translates KeMoW “as thyself”. Thus, the correct translation of KeMoW in Lev 19:18 is AS or LIKE. Thus, the exhortation is not loving one’s neighbor “as thyself”, but loving one’s neighbor as Yahavah. Love the Lord the thy God with all the heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as Yeshua loved his neighbors, all people, with all his heart, soul and mind, even to death on a cross. This is the love of God in the Mashiach. The correct translation of Lev 19:18 is “thou shalt love they neighbour LIKE I Yahavah, or AS I, Yahavah.

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