DaVeD (1055 BC) of the seed of promise to YeKoNYaH (598 BC) of the seed of promise

*All years are an approximation.*

(Mat 1:1ff) DaVeD begat SHeLoMaH (Solomon) of her that had been the wife of UWRiYaH (Uriah) meaning “YaHaVaH is my light”.  SHeLoMaH begat ReKHaBaM. ReKHaBaM begat ABiYaH meaning YaHaVah is (my) father. ABiYaH begat ASA. ASA begat YaHoWSHaFaT meaning YaHaVaH has judged. YaHoWSHaFaT begat YaWRaM meaning JaHaVaH is exalted. YaWRaM begat UZiYaH meaning my strength is YaHaVaH. UZiYaH begat YaWTHaM meaning YaHaVaH is perfect. YaWTHaM begat AKHaZ. AKHaZ begat KHiQiYaH (Ezekias) meaning YaHaVaH is my strength. KHiQiYaH begat MeNaSHaH. MeNaSHaH begat AMoWN. AMoWN begat YASHiYaH meaning “whom YaHaVaH heals”. YASHiYaH begat YeKoNYaH and his brethren about the time they were carried into Babylon (BaBeL) meaning “YaHaVaH will establish”.

Significant Years

1055-1014 BC: David’s reign

1014-975 BC: Solomon’s reign

975 -722 BC: Reign of the kingdom of Yisrael, eleven tribes

722 BC: Assyrians conquer the eleven tribes.

975 – 586 BC Reign of the kingdom of Yudah

608 BC: Captivity in Babylon begins

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